Happy New Year!

We rang in the New Year last night at the Blind Tiger again and enjoyed plenty of delicious vintage beers.  As always I look toward the new year with some hopeful dining experiences in mind.  Last year I had 13 places on my list and only accomplished 5.  That's pretty terrible although I did have a wedding and honeymoon to plan and enormous changes in my job as well so I guess I have some good excuses.  Well here it goes- some of these places are new and some have been around forever but I just haven't gotten around to trying them. 


Red Rooster Harlem
Cafe Boulud
The Dutch
Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
The John Dory
Paulie Gee’s

Brought over from Last Year

Il Mulino
Loconda Verde

I already have reservations at two of the above places for January so I'm hoping to start this out right!