Toast to the East Coast

Last week I was invited to a special press event hosted by Bread and Butter PR and The Kitchen Table. When Mr. T and I escaped from the horrible rain and wind outside to the calm, serene downstairs space we were greeted warmly and handed a glass of wine. We walked into the main room with the food and our first stop was at Early Bird Food & Co.

This little shop in Brooklyn Specializes in small batch organic granola and here it was showcased on top an open-faced peanut butter sandwich. What is it about a peanut butter sandwiches that makes you feel so good? Every time I have one I question why I don't eat them more often. The granola was delicious on top with nice clean pieces of nuts and oats.

Next it was over to another Brooklyn specialty- some delicious cured meats and pate from Brooklyn Larder.

Then onto more Brooklyn delights with Whole Cow's Milk Ricotta cheese from Salvatore Bklyn.

I've been eating a lot of ricotta from Eataly lately but this stuff was completely different. It was much thicker and had a more robust and bold flavor. Seriously rich and seriously delicious.

And finally some three tier trays of goodness from Magnolia Bakery. They had mini cupcakes of all kinds, their amazingly creamy banana pudding and some surprisingly fudgey chocolate brownie.

Besides some delicious wine they were also pouring beer from the Bruery out of Orange Lake, CA. The Saison Rue was a malty yet citrusy Belgian style farmhouse ale that had a ton of flavor but remained remarkably drinkable. We chatted with the woman representing The Bruery for a bit and heard they have another tasting coming up at Bierkraft next month. We might just have to check that out.

The night ended with a fun goodie bag of tasty treats for each person. It was a nice relaxing event which really displayed some delicious food and drink. I think they were expecting a bigger turnout because a lot of goodie bags were still sitting when we left. Unfortunately the stormy weather outside must have deterred some people from showing up. Which is too bad because everyone was incredibly friendly and it really was a nice spread. The space was so warm and inviting I would definently think about this for another food event.