Our Last Day in Paris

I woke up Saturday morning and had one thing on my mind- more treats! It was our last full day in Paris and I knew one last stop to Pierre Herme was in order.

This time I went for the 2000 Feuilles which is a masterpiece in and of itself. Look at the flaky layers of pastry alternating between different kinds of creamy praline mousse with a crispy caramelized praline top.

And of course I had to go back for some more macarons.

My favorite of this bunch was easily the Olive Oil & Vanilla. The flavor was so smooth and light. I was honestly sad I didn’t buy a whole box of just this flavor alone. Luckily I enjoyed the Café, Mogador and Pistachio as well. The only one I didn’t really care for was the chocolate which was too bitter and intense for my tastes.

After my breakfast treats we walked over to Notre Dame and around that area. Then we decided we’d had enough of touring. After 10 days of constant walking and eating we decided to cut out the walking and have some drinks! So we hit up a couple bars in our neighborhood and ended up having dinner right by our hotel at Les Editeurs.

The downstairs was packed so we were lead upstairs where it was much more quite and serene. One bottle of red wine to start and one last Steak Frite for us both.

Although this wasn’t as delicious as our Steak from L’Entrecote, it was still very good. The meat had a nice char on the outside and the side of Béarnaise was incredible.

The pillowy soft frites were pretty good as well. I don't think Les Editeurs would be on my list if we return but both of us were happy with our only unplanned meal in Paris.

After dinner we went across the street to the Horse’s Tavern and sat outside enjoying some Leffe Brun’s. This is one of our favorite beers no longer exported to the USA so it was quite a treat! It had been a fabulous trip and tomorrow it would be back to reality in NYC. Until we return au revoir Paris!

Pierre Herme

Les Editeurs