Das Oktoberfest- Year Two

Saturday we returned to the annual Das Oktoberfest event at the La Venue space. They had 150 kinds of beer, schnapps and wine to choose from over the 5 hour period and food to buy on the side. I was psyched when I saw Schnitzel and Things had a table. I would finally get to try out their food!

I know I probably should have gone for a schnitzel but the brat smelled so delicious I had to go for that. I don’t know how delicious the schnitzels are but my heart was pretty sold on the brat. It had a great deep smoky flavor and came with some seriously sour pickled slaw and a nice squishy bun. The fries were excellent as well with a just the right amount of salt and crunch.

I started out with some Goose Island and Spatan, two of my favs, and then noticed something called the Bronx Brewery set up in the front. I tried a sample and was really blown away by the rich amber tone and bold but smooth flavors of caramel and toasted nuts.

I also loved their sign and slogan. So much so that I went over and met the owner and brewer to talk about the beer.

Damian explained they had only been open since August and this was one of their first events. All of us in our group of ten absolutely loved his beer so be on the lookout for it in bars throughout the city.

The Bronx Brewery

Das Oktoberfest

Schnitzel and Things