Even if you don’t know much about the new French dining scene you’ve probably heard of Frenchie. This tiny little restaurant has gotten quite the press and following for its fabulous food and reasonable prices. So much press that it’s a two month in advance reservation. Luckily I planned it to the date and got a reservation for the first seating.

The tiny little restaurant is very cozy and inviting. We got a fabulous seat right at the window and started with a nice crisp bottle of Sancerre.

Frenchie just opened up a little wine bar across the way a few months ago and we had the perfect view of the lively crowd. We each decided to order the 38 € menu option and added the Foie Gras to share. This was probably the best decision of the night.

The presentation of the foie gras was just lovely but the flavor was down right amazing. Pickled rhubarb and strawberries cut right through the fat of the foie gras and brought out a lighter, earthy flavor I’ve never experienced before. If you told me yesterday something would beat Bigarrade’s version I would have thought you were crazy. While this was a totally different take on the dish I thoroughly enjoyed the flavors and creaminess to a whole new level. This was the best foie gras of my life for sure! Eating this two days in a row is certainly unhealthy but if I lived in Paris I would be hard pressed to pass this up.

For our appetizers Mr T ordered the Parpadelle and I ordered the Trout. I laughed when we place our orders because this is exactly what each of us have at our neighbohood favorite Gramercy Tavern.

Mr. T’s Chestnut Parpadelle with Lamb Ragu was good- rich with a combination of flavors from the olives and seasoning on top. I enjoyed the sauce but thought Gramercy Tavern’s version is better.

My Smoked Trout with Pickled Onion Vingarette on the other hand, blew GT’s out of the water. It looked very similar but the trout itself had this depth of smokiness that was unparalleled. It was powerful in flavor but perfectly balanced.

For mains we both ordered the Veal with Mushrooms and Figs. Just looking back at this picture I feel like I can still taste the perfectly cooked, tender meat with a little bit of sweet from the fig with a lovely and intoxicating sauce that was thick, almost like a gravy.

For dessert Mr. T ordered the Panacotta with Avocado and Chocolate. A very odd array of flavors that didn’t exactly work for me but completely did for him.

I had the Lemon Tart with Passion Fruit and Salty Caramel Butter. Um yeah…what’s not to love about this dessert! The filling was so citrusy it gave my mouth a happy pucker and the buttery crust and awesome crackling top mellowed it all out. It was fabulous!

Overall Frenchie was wonderful. The food was great (especially the foie), the service was exceptional and I loved the space. I feel like if I lived in Paris Frenchie would be a place to return to often with out-of-town guests and friends. Which is exactly what Gramercy Tavern is for us here in the NYC.

I know I keep on bringing up Gramercy tavern but the two really had the same feel right from the get go. They were so similar...maybe a tad to similar. The whole meal the presentation of the appetizers had been nagging me. When we got home I looked back at my last pictures from Gramercy Tavern and compared.

Gramercy Parpadelle

Gramercy Trout

The components and presentation of both dishes are almost identical. I know Chef Gregory Marchand did a year and a half stint at Gramercy Tavern years ago before opening up Frenchie. Maybe the dishes were conceived there and shared between the two now? Mr. T claimed an international food conspiracy (he had also had a lot of wine). Who knows- certainly a little odd I thought. Whatever the case may be Frenchie truly is a gem of a restaurant and the night couldn't have ended better.



Kathy YL Chan said…
Whoa the dishes are pretty much exactly the same! That's crazy, and sharp catch. Am still curious to try..if I ever get a reservation ahaha.