Apertivo with the Winemaker- Gavi Wines at Eataly

I just happened to be checking out the Eataly website the other day and noticed a special wine class for only $20. It was scheduled for a Friday evening and I figured that would be the perfect way to start my weekend. I go to Eataly almost every day and I’ve never noticed the little wine room in the back.

It only has enough room for about 20 people and I loved how small and intimate it was.

They had it set up really nice with some information about the wines and a free bag to take home as a gift.

The tasting itself was all Gavi wines and it was interesting to try four side by side.

They even gave a nice meat and cheese plate with some of Eataly’s best from the dairy. This was such a great and affordable tasting I jumped on their website the next day and noticed a free Spirit tasting!

This one was amazing as well with various Grappas and cocktails. They gave out a bunch of free stuff and even concluded with some free gelato. How can you beat Eataly! This place continues to amaze me.