Last Day in London

Monday morning the rain had subsided finally so we walked across the Waterloo Bridge did some shopping at the Jubilee Market and walked around near the Royal Opera House. When hunger set in I had a huge craving for meat and cheese for some reason. Luckily the answer was just around the corner. Terriors Wine Bar is a cute little place focusing on natural French wines and small plates of food.

Just look at this gorgeous plate of Piero Montali Prosciutto Di Parma Riserva.

We had some delicious bread and butter alongside.

And did three cheese as well Fourme D’Ambert, Comté and unfortunately I don’t remember the third but they were all from France and all sublime.

A special Sweet Corn Chowder soup was being offered that day and the rich, bubbling bowl was a welcome and satisfying addition to our meal. We sat there for about two hours sipping wine, nibbling food and just completely taking a time out from the day. It was just lovely. I was in desperate need of dessert after meal and although I said I wouldn’t until Paris, Laduree was right there! I had to get something and not just Macarons I can now have in NYC.

Behold the Millefeuille Praline. Thin flaky sheets of caramelized pastry, fluffy praline cream and salty nuts. What an exceptional structure and sweet.
Well I wish I could tell you we did anything more exciting but we just relaxed and enjoyed our last day walking around. We stopped by one of the oldest pubs in London the Lamb and Flag then over to our favorite bar from last time- Gordon’s wine bar for some wine outside. We honestly had a bit too much because suddenly we were starving and it seemed like a good decision to stop and get sausages at Herman Ze German for dinner.

Talk about great drunk food… this was a good decision! My sausage was awesome and really hit the spot. We hit up one last pub for a Stella Artois Black, had some Tesco champagne by accident (don't ask) and then we rolled ourselves into bed. Great last day in London.