The Woseley and Fortnum and Mason

We woke up Saturday morning excited and feeling much more refreshed and rested than the previous day. We leisurely got ready and took a nice stroll over to the Woseley in hopes of some good feed. Unfortunately I didn’t have a reservation for the main area but only had to wait about 20 minutes for a seat in the café. That just gave us some time to have some morning drinks!

The space at the Woseley is awesome with beautiful tall ceilings, gorgeous antique clocks and just a wonderful buzz from all the well dressed guests milling about. My stomach was feeling much better but I knew we had reservations at St. John’s for dinner and again I wanted to play it safe. So I ordered one of my favorite sandwiches of all time the Croque Madame.

We had this at the Woseley last time and again the cheesy center and crunchy, butter crust was just delicious. Mr. T said he wanted to try something new so he ordered the Buck Rarebit.

This actually looks similar to my Croque and the components are the same- bread, cheese and egg- but they are much, much different in taste. The cheese tasted like it had been blended with Worchester sauce and maybe some mustard. It was such a strong and pungent taste it was overwhelming. Mr. T somehow managed to eat most of the dish but we both agreed it would not be something ordered again.

After lunch we strolled over to Fortnum and Mason which is pretty much like Disney World for me being that it’s a gourmet grocery store. It’s just floors upon floors of fabulous cheese, wine, tea and caviar all for sale. Of course I immediately went to the sweets section where they were celebrating Halloween.

Just look at this awesome chocolate gremlin.

And Bloody Chocolate Fingers!

I picked up a few mini cupcakes for our lunch dessert (because on vacation it’s proper to have one with each meal). Unfortunately they all were a little dry. The butter cream frosting had potential but it seemed as if they had been frozen and thawed leaving a dry cake and dense top. Quite disappointing.

We had worked up quite a thirst after our shopping so we headed downstairs to the Fortnum and Masons 1707 Wine Bar. This place had some fabulous looking flights of wine but since it was relatively early in the day we figured one would be enough. Unfortunately a flight might have been the way to go since as soon as we walked out of door it started to pour! We ran to a nearby coffee bar to sit but after looking at the radar it was obvious that this storm wasn’t going anywhere for awhile. Most of our plans involved a lot of walking around and neither of us had an umbrella or proper shoes so we decided to abandon all plans and hit up the pubs!

The Wolseley

Fortnum and Mason