The Start of our Honeymoon- Day 1 London!

Well to tell you the trip started off a little bit rough is an understatement. In the three days prior to leaving we spent a full day at the bar for the start of football, did some serious celebrating for my birthday and attended the Big Four concert at Yankee Stadium.

I have to admit I actually loved the concert. The music isn’t exactly my forte but every single band rocked it out and standing on the field at Yankee Stadium was awesome. However the next morning both of us were absolutely exhausted and the trip hadn’t even begun! We decided to have a proper lunch at Eataly before heading to the airport for stamina. Unfortunately Eataly would not be my friend that day.

We went to Il Pesce and got fish…I’m not sure what was wrong with it but within hours my stomach was killing me. Mr. T wasn’t doing so hot either with serious stabbing pain in his stomach as well. I couldn’t eat a thing else until we arrived in London for fear of shaking the boat and getting sick on the plane. Luckily we checked right in and were able to give our bodies a little rest before walking over to the National Gallery for some art browsing and lunch.

We took a table in the National Dining Room overlooking Trafalgar Square. We each ordered a drink- rose for me and a proper English beer for Mr. T and split the Ploughman's platter. My stomach was still incredibly shaky so I wanted to keep it simple with bread, cheese and meat- nothing too crazy.

While there was nothing exciting about this dish it was perfect. The sweet chutney was fabulous with the cheese and although the bread could have been better the cracker was perfect. The space and view are just spectacular. It reminded me of a cross between Cafe Sabarsky and the Modern Bar Room. Our seat by the window was just perfect for some people watching below.

After lunch we did some walking around and then decided to hit up a couple of pubs. We made a mini tour of the Samuel Smith bars starting at the Princess Louise for some Hefeweizens and over to the incredibly packed Citte of York for some Bitters. After some imbibing we needed more food but my stomach was still hurting (not that the beer was helping). We had reservations at J Sheekey’s but just the thought of a big seafood platter was making my stomach churn. We cancelled- and instead walked back to a pizza joint I had noticed on the walk in.

While Pepe’s Italian Street food might not have been on my radar for our first meal in London it certainly hit the spot. The crispy crust and delicious sauce were just what the doctor ordered. We pretty much devoured our slices and after a quick drink at the Ship and Shovel we hit the hay. It had already been quite a long day and we had to rest up for all the wonderful things to follow!

National Gallery Dining