Last RW Meal at One If by Land, Two if by Sea

I have always wanted to try out One If By Land, Two if By Sea. It’s filled with history and billed one of the most romantic restaurants in NYC. So when a friend asked me to dinner I happily obliged! Her husband was away on business and mine…well mine was busy as well (playing video games and eating ramen I suppose). So we decided this was our little romantic ladies night out!

Walking up to the hidden little house it’s very cute. I must have walked by a thousand times on my way to Barrow Street Ale house. Looking back I definitely wish I could have made a turn into here rather than going into their beer soaked floors. There was a man playing the piano up front and fresh roses filled the air. We were seated on the main floor with a view of the beautiful garden outside. Between the flickering candles, old carriage walls and cozy tables, I can easily see what this place gets billed for its romance.

We ordered a bottle of wine and they started us off with bread. I enjoyed the fact that they gave us two kinds of butter along with olive oil. Choice is always a good thing and multiple choices is even better.

Out of the kitchen came an amuse bouche of lobster salad. This was interesting because I’ve never had a lobster salad that was completely pureed, like a tuna salad in texture. It was delicious however and a good start to the meal. For my appetizer I ordered the Summer Salad with heirloom tomato, strawberry, cherry and barrel-aged feta.

When this dish arrived I was shocked about two things the size and the “salad”. This was one of the tiny dishes I’ve ever been served and the only greens were those little sprigs on top (about the size of a garnish). I truly thought they had forgotten some of my dish somewhere. It was that miniscule! The little that I did have was tasty for sure so I ate it up and hoped for better results from the second course. Luckily they didn’t forget anything on my Chateaubriand.

My meat came out looking lovely, cooked a perfect medium rare with some broccoli, mascarpone polenta and roasted tomato gremolata. This dish was everything it was supposed to be- homey, comforting with just a flair of sophistication- much like I feel the atmosphere of the restaurant is like. I haven’t had Chateaubriand in years so I ate every last bite, only stopping to share a tiny piece with my dining companion.

Now unfortunately my camera died right as the last course came out but let me assure you the Milk & Cookies dessert was perfect! A nice chocolate meringue dome filled with Milk and Oreo Mousse, a milk cake bottom and a side of ice milk ice cream. Everything just worked with this dessert. It was light enough not to weigh me down but chocolaty enough to leave me with a huge smile at the end of the meal.

I actually loved our RW meal at OIBLTIBS (is that to much abbrv? Pretend I’m texting:) Two things could have been better- my miniscule salad and an overly warm bottle of red, but in the end the piano player up front and gorgeous garden view made up for those foibles and I would be happy to return again next RW week. Heck we may even make it our own “Special Place” for our ladies romantic meal.

One If by Land, Two If by Sea