Pig Island 2

Saturday Mr. T and I headed over to Governor’s Island for the 2nd annual Pig Island event. Governor’s Island is awesome so it was a nice excuse to spend a day there and eat some meat! We started out at the Clerkenwell stand for a Pork Belly Porchetta slider with candied Bacon.

Onto my favorite Dinosaur BBQ for a Pulled Pork slider

Over to Print for a Maple Bacon Sticky bun

Into a long line for JoeDoe’s Roasted Pork Butt Cubano with shoulder bacon, cracklins, swiss, homemade pickles and a side of chili.

Pork Schnitzel Sandwich with pickled red onion and black pepper-apple chutney from Mary Queen of Scots

We had a ton more dishes as well but I have to say at the end of the day nothing really stood out. Dinosaur was as good as ever and the JoeDoe Cubano was good but honestly the best thing I had the entire day was dessert.

The Maple Smoked Bacon custard from Mary Queen of Scots was pretty amazing. It was sweet, salty and incredibly smooth and satisfying. The fact that I got the very last one made it taste all that much sweeter.

The beer flowed freely and the lines were manageable but I probably won’t be returning to Pig Island next year. The food was okay but I’ve had much better BBQ elsewhere.