Cafe Centro

As Patina restaurant members we get a $50 coupon every birthday to one of their restaurants. We almost always go to Café Centro. I don’t really know why- there’s just something calming about the place. Both Mr. T and I had horrible days at work and sitting outside with the warm breeze and great people watching just made life seem a little better.

They started us off with a nice French baguette with two types of butter and olives.

Then onto appetizers- mine their delicious Crab Cake. This thing is awesome- it has almost no breading at all and the spicy mustard dressing is awesome.

Mr. T’s Jumbo Lump Crab Cocktail was absolutely enormous! I’ve never seen so much in one cocktail before.

For mains I went will a big old bucket of Mussels. I’m really into Mussels lately and these were delicious. Much like the crab cocktail these things were huge! Not only the mussels themselves but the pot as well. I told Mr. T we should just share one next time (he didn’t agree but I stand by my statement)

The frites were delicious as well. Long, skinny and perfectly salted just like a frite should be.

Mr. T ordered the Lobster Risotto and as you can see this restaurant continued it’s trend with size. Large chunks of lobster meat studded the creamy risotto. It was a tad on the watery side but acceptable in taste and flavor.

We were both too full for dessert so we declined and instead went over to the Campbell Apartment and had a drink upstairs. This was my first time there (tried four times before- always a private party) and I LOVED it! May be my new favorite bar in NYC. Too bad I can only afford a cocktail or two. The vibe, music and ambiance were amazing. So although the day started out pretty bad, it ended on a lovely note. With our $50 coupon we ended up paying around $60 total for the meal. That's a pretty awesome bargain in this pricey town.

Cafe Centro