Return to Katz's

It's been way to long since I last stopped into Katz's Deli.  The long lines at the counter sometimes turn me off to the experience but it's worth the wait for one of these delicious hot dogs.

These all beef dogs have a super snappy casing that keep the meat juicy and totally worthy of the "Best in New York" title on the menu. 

My dining companion was sad to hear they don't have any relish but a side of sour pickles showed up in it's place.

The Knish's here are decent but I would save my carbs for Yohan Schimmel's down the street.

A better choice is the famed Pastrami Sandwich piled high with some of the smokiest meat imaginable.  Complete the meal with a classic New York Egg Creme, listed on the menu as "Heaven on Earth".

One sip of this frothy chocolate shake and it really does feel like your floating above the world just a bit.