Double Windsor

This was a fabulous weekend to be in the city.  The sun was shining bright, the flowers were in bloom on Park Avenue and Hill Farmstead kept popping up at various bars around the city.   It's such a rare treat to have this glorious beer from Shaun Hill in town we basically spent the weekend hopping from bar to bar to get our fill of George, Edward and Everett.  Saturday lead us out to the Double Windsor located right on the edge of Prospect Park.  The windows were wide open letting all the bright sunshine and cool spring breeze inside...and with Hill Farmstead Florence on tap there was really no reason to do anything else with our afternoon!

Florence is a Saison Wheat beer that's tart and tangy with a strong  carbonated mouthfeel and a crisp finish. The hazy yellow color and sharp lemony smell seemed to fit in perfectly with the glorious Spring day.  We ended up staying so long at Double Windsor that a few beers turned into dinner.

Char-grilled chicken breast, two thick slices of fresh tomato, lettuce, mayo and a chunky layer of guacamole all on a fluffy bun.  Not to mention the fries were pretty fantastic as well. There were some extra crunchy ones and some a bit more fluffy...not completely uniform but salty and delicious in every way.  

Double Windsor

Hill Farmstead