Brunch at The Park

Dining at The Park restaurant is always an experience...whether you relax by the crackling fireplace, hang on the 2nd floor bar during a clubby summer night or just enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon in the gorgeous garden; it's always something to remember.  My most recent visit was for a lazy afternoon brunch.  Everything on the menu sounded fabulous but the Steak Salad was calling my name.

The plate was beautiful, mounds of pickled cabbage piled atop micro greens, skirt steak and a flurry of salted hazelnuts.  This was just a delightful brunch dish I would happily order next time I visit.

Another winner was the crunchy French Toast stuffed with Mascarpone was swoon worthy from the get go but the vanilla maple syrup really put it over the top.

The only thing I would skip would be the Breakfast Pizza which suffered from an overcooked egg and just not enough sauce.

But certainly don't skip the complementary pumpkin bread.  It's got soft flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg, studded with chunks of walnut.  It's the perfect addition to just about anything on their menu and a great way to kick of a meal.  

The Park