A Tale of Two Poutines

It's no secret I love poutine.  Growing up right next to the Canadian border there were many late night visits for a steaming hot bowl of gravy, cheese curds and fries.  I order it almost every time I see it on a menu in NYC.  So when Dive Bar had two listed...regular and vegetarian I had to check them out.  Who ever heard of vegetarian poutine?

We began with the regular version...the fries were salty and crisp with more than enough melted cheese on top and an abundance of beef gravy.  I loved the dish but I found the gravy just a bit too rich.  I prefer a lighter brown sauce with a little bit more cream.

Surprisingly I enjoyed the veggie one more...same fries, same cheesy curds but doused in a light mushroom gravy that had a surprisingly earthy, meaty flavor that was fantastic.  Who knew a vegetarian poutine could be so delicious!