Lunch at Peekskill Brewery

It was so gorgeous Saturday it seemed like the perfect excuse for a trip up the Hudson River to Peekskill Brewery.  The sun was shining bright, the water shimmered a glorious blue and the food was downright fantastic.

I was in love with my Chicken Cesar Salad.  They use kale instead of romaine and the big leafy shards were perfect for soaking up all the creamy dressing; big flakes of Parmesan, hard boiled egg and sourdough croutons rounded out the dish.  This was one of the most satisfying salads I've had in a long time and large enough that I had enough left over for a meal at home. 

Mr. T checked out their Buffalo Wings which were surprisingly large and meaty with a tasty hot sauce heavy on the spices. 

Even the French Fries were delicious...super crisp with lots of was almost impossible to stop eating these once you got started.

The beer was delicious as always.  We got the last glass of their new Double IPA Kneel Before Zod and then sampled old favorites like Amazballs and NYPA.  Overall just a lovely day out of the city!