Dinner at Bo's Kitchen & Bar

Mr. T has always been a big fan of Louisiana cuisine like crawfish and jambalaya.  So when Bo's Kitchen opened right in Flatiron touting a classic New Orleans experience we were right on board.  Let's check out the appetizers:

Corn and Ricotta Agnolotti with winter vegetables

Crispy Alligator with red bell pepper, chili aioli and fine herbs

Low Country Ham with house made buttermilk biscuit and cara cara marmalde

...and Hamachi Crudo with apricot jam.  

The low country ham and hamachi crudo stood out as the best appetizers. The ham was sliced perfect, extra thin, with a nice sweet marmalade to balance out the salt. It's hard to find this on a menu around town and this was really spot on.  The crispy alligator on the other hand were a bit disappointing...too much batter and an abundance of salt made this taste just like any old basket of fried goods.

For entrees we split the crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken... 

...and a mound of Mashed Smoked Potatoes which  came sprinkled with pieces of bacon praline on top.  This was the first time I've ever experienced mashed potatoes that were both smoky and sweet. 

The bill arrived and I was honestly a bit shocked at the cost...everything we ate was pretty tasty but I'm not sure it warranted such high costs.  Although I will say the complementary Monkey Bread they give at the start of the meal may be some of the best table bread in the city. Apparently they turn that into French Toast for their Sunday Brunch which may be an excuse to return.