Decadence at Dominique Ansel

The newest creation from Dominique Ansel arrived this month and it may be one of his best creations yet- the Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot.

It's a cookie loaded up with delicious Valrhona chocolate, shaped like a shot glass to be filled with milk and eaten as some glorious on the go treat.  How is this possible?  The genius is inside the cookie where a thin layer of chocolate poured in the center protects the dough from the sweet Tahitian vanilla milk so it stays dry and intact with each bite. 

The cookie itself has this great brown sugar crunch on the outside but stays incredibly soft and buttery on the inside...almost like it's just come out of the oven. Sip, bite,'s such an incredible way to enjoy an old childhood favorite in a completely new way.  

And you can get them to go!  I was able to bring one home for Mr. T simply by asking for the milk on the side; something he really should have thanked me for a bit more :)  The cookies go on sale at 3:00 pm every day so don't dawdle...when I arrived around 5:00 on a sleepy Monday evening there were only 4 glorious shots left.