Front Street Bakery

My friends were out in Rockville Centre so I requested some regional specialties from the island- Front Street Bakery delights!

This box had everything  I wanted and more.  Thick, fudgy Rainbow Cookies with layers of raspberry jam, creamy Black and Whites with just the right icing to cookie ratio and mini Dot cookies that reminded me exactly of the sugar cookies my Uncle Walter used to make at his bakery growing up. 

Even more famous than the cookies at Front Street Bakery is their Crumb Cake. Look at the fluffy layers of dough in this thing... was soft and eggy with more crumb topping than I've seen on a coffee cake in my life.  Is you're a crumble fan this cake is for you.  Delicious regional delights from Long Island!


Lindsay said…
Woohoo! Strong Island ;)