Vinitaly International/Slow Wine 2014

It was all about Italy inside the Metropolitan Pavilion during the annual Vinitaly International/ Slow Wine 2014.

The main room was filled with the best in Italian wine but first I was off to the Prosecco Wine School for a class on sparkling wine and food pairings.

I was so surprised when I walked into the room and saw Lou from Di Palo's down in Little Italy.  This guy knows a thing or two about meats and cheese so it was fun to see him out from behind the regular store counter and hear some of his thoughts on food pairing.

Then it was onto the floor for the walk around tasting where I saw quite a few of my old favorites being poured...

...and found a brand new favorite Papale made from 100% Primitivo Grapes.

The color of this wine was absolutely gorgeous; ruby red with a strong aroma of cherries, tobacco and licorice with a soft flavor of berries and quite possibly the most incredible mouthfeel I've ever experienced in a wine..thick on the tongue but silky and smooth.

Another surprise was the Amarone. I've never loved this wine in the past but I actually found myself enjoying the dry, bitter flavor...but since the alcohol content averages around 17% this wine is best enjoyed in small doses:)

I walked around for a few hours sampling wine here and there until I ran across the biggest surprise of all...Beer!  

This was the first time beer had been on display at Vinitaly and everyone was really excited to try it out. Collesi brews in Itay's Marche region using hard limestone water from Mount Nerone and barley from their family fields. These are truly local beers using high quality ingredients which you can taste in each frothy, creamy sip.  I'm hoping to pick up a bottle or two when they begin to distribute to a wider area.

So there you have it; another fantastic day of all things Italian in New York City- Ciao!