A serious craving for southern food was the perfect excuse for brunch at Maysville Saturday morning.  The big windows up front were perfect for watching the snow as we perused the menu.  Everything sounded delicious...

...Quiche with kale, squash and ricotta and Thick Cut Brioche with collard greens and gravy were big contenders, but in the end the plain old Biscuit Sandwich with soft scrambled eggs won.

Loaded with a mound of tender vinegar braised pork the sandwich was really quite tasty, although the eggs were a far cry from being "soft."   The fluffy biscuit soaked up all the braising juices after just a few bites making this definitely a knife and fork kind of sandwich.  

The simply dressed salad was a nice accompaniment to the meat, although I much preferred the mini cornbread muffin they gave us.  It was buttery and crisp on top, dotted with sliced apples inside and just perfect for slathering with one of my favorite things in the butter!

There's just something about this stuff I absolutely love and this is one of the few places in the city I've actually found it.  Looks like a return trip to Maysville may be in order this weekend:)