Brunch at Thirty Acres

Mr. T and I took the trek over to Jersey City last Saturday to visit one of our old favorites Thirty Acres. The restaurant was packed when we arrived right around 1:30 but luckily we only had to wait 15 minutes for a table.  We got a spot right near the window, perfect for watching the snow fall and started off with a few drinks...mimosa for me and a Head High IPA from New Jersey's own Kane Brewing for Mr. T.

Perusing the brunch menu I remembered why I love Thirty Acres so much- I wanted everything!  I couldn't decide...go savory with a Spanish Tortilla covered in ancho almond sauce or sweet with a big floppy Dutch Baby covered in lemon and powdered sugar.  As usual I went back and forth until the waitress arrived when I heard myself say "I'll have the grits please".   Mr. T looked at me like I was crazy...damn order anxiety.

Luckily my choice turned out to be great because this dish was fantastic.  A big bowl of buttery grits, two fried eggs, scallions and cauliflower covered in a chili shrimp sauce.

Look at all this cauliflower!  I loved absolutely everything about this dish....the chili sauce gave it a nice sweet flavor that had just a little bit of spice.  It really didn't need anything extra but I amped it up just a bit with some delicious Hot Sauce handmade out in Brooklyn.  

Mr. T ordered the Hungry Gentleman- two eggs, potato, bacon and rye toast.  This is pretty much what he orders everywhere we order anxiety here.

The bacon was thick and smokey alongside extra crispy potatoes, just the way we love them.  We were both too full to finish with their classic Lemon Bar but I have no doubt we'll be back soon.  This place is always worth the trek.