Quality Italian

My friend was in town for a quick visit and asked if we could meet for "a massive steak near the Carnegie Club".  Talk about the easiest food request ever!  I had been dying to try out a full meal at Quality Italian, the sister restaurant of Quality Meats, and the location was perfect.  So after a quick check on Opentable we found ourselves at the restaurant dining on huge Stone Crab Claws and drinking wine in preparation for our meat-fest. 

The Bistecca Fiorentina Porterhouse for two completely fit the bill as being "massive".  It arrived to the table sizzling slightly with a nice buttery shine on top and a crispy char on the edges.  The meat was well marbled and cooked perfect...not exactly up to par with Luger's but certainly not far away either.

The Bone-In Filet Mignon was also surprisingly "massive".  I can usually finish a filet with ease but I got about halfway through and had to hand it over to the men....although that didn't stop me from eating all of the sides.

The Tuscan fries were good but I longed for the crunchy nooks and crannies of the Parmesan waffle fries served at Quality Meats.  Luckily the Corn Creme Brulee was just as it should be.

Big kernels of corn churned into a smooth buttery custard then baked until the top turns brown and crispy.  I'm pretty sure each of us let out a happy little sigh after finishing up this insanely delicious dish.

Honestly it was happy sighs all around at the end of dinner.  The steak's were great, the service was excellent and we had a blast catching up with an old friend.  We just happened to walk by a table devouring the Chicken Parmigiana pizza as we were walking out and Mr. T's eyes absolutely lit up with excitement.  "We're coming back here for that!"  Whatever you say Mr. T:)