The End of NYC Craft Beer Week

There's still three days left before NYC Beer Week officially ends for the 2014 season so try to get in a few more around town if possible.  Here's a few last pick's:

  • Other Half Raises the Bar at the Jeffrey- One of NYC's newest breweries is taking over some of the taps with favorites like Green Diamonds, Motueka Pale Ale and Doug Cascadian.  I'm especially excited to see their new Hop Showers on the list which is supposed to be fantastic.
  • Split Thy Skull at Mugs Ale House-  The name says it all...don't come to this event unless your ready to settle in and drink some heavy hitters as every beer on the list is at least 8% or higher.  I'd suggest trying out the Evil Twin Biscotti Break Natale for a creamy, roasted porter with the sweetness of cherry and chocolate.
  • Back to the Future at Fourth Avenue Pub- I'm pretty excited about every beer on this list but the Ithaca Brut 2011 and Peekskill "The Aristocrats" is the reason I'll be showing up right on time.
So many great events and so little time.  Cheers to NYC Craft Beer Week!