John's Pizzeria

When Mr. T and I first moved to NYC 12 long years ago he used to take me to John's Pizza on Bleeker Street for a classic NYC pie.  Unfortunately after about four or five visits I firmly decided I did NOT like this pizza.  It was kind of dry, skimpy on sauce and cheese and just lacking in flavor.  I finally told Mr. T my thoughts and obviously he stopped taking me there.  Fast forward to last Sunday.  I woke up and had this crazy wave of nostalgia wash over me for John's.  Maybe I was wrong, maybe I had no clue about NYC pizza all those years ago...and just like that we zipped down to John's for a visit.

We ordered a standard pie with half pepperoni and as it arrived I remembered my biggest pet peeve at John's was the uneven cooking job.  Half of the pie had a bubbly, charred crust while the other half was white and fluffy.  The upskirt shot was good on the bubbly side with a slightly charred bottom...

...and the pie had more sauce and cheese with a slightly thinner crust than I remember.  The final verdict- it was actually quite delicious.  Is Keste or Joe's across the street better- that's a solid yes.  Is this still a tasty NYC pie- also a solid yes.  It doesn't warrant the lines of tourists in the summer...

...and the beer list leaves a LOT to be desired (come on your across from the best beer bar in the city).  But it's a tasty pie in a classic NYC space that looks the same now as it did my last visit over 10 years ago.  Apparently I need a little John's in my life now and again.


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