A Little Bite at Casa Mono

I don't spend nearly enough time at my little corner Spanish spot off of Gramercy Park.  The open kitchen and gorgeous bottles of wine are so inviting...the briny bowl of olives swimming in oil don't hurt either.

Casa Mono serves all small plates...perfect for sharing a few bites with friends but also an excellent choice for a solo quick meal.  I stopped in one evening for a bite of Quail and Cockscomb with black garlic and wild mushrooms.

The quail was cooked perfect with strong elements of both sweet and savory from the abundance of black garlic coating the bird and an assortment of mushrooms of all shapes and sizes.  I chatted with the chef as he prepared through the open kitchen..one of the perks of dining at the bar.  Plus I just found out they will be participating in Restaurant Week this year!  What a perfect excuse to enjoy this neighborhood staple all over again.               

Casa Mono