The Best Breakfast Sandwich Ever

There's no shortage to breakfast sandwiches in New York City.  You can find them all over- diners and bagel shops, street carts and bodegas.  They're literally everywhere.  So when I ordered one at Court Street Grocers last Saturday, located inside the new Gotham West Market, I was expecting the usual lot.  A split roll with greasy bacon and overcooked eggs....but what I got was simply amazing.

Let me start with the eggs which were scrambled so perfectly soft even my hard to please father would be impressed.  These were then topped with one of my favorite cheeses of all time the creamy, rich Cabot clothbound cheddar.  Then they add two strips of thick and salty smokehouse bacon, a flurry of fresh arugula and stuff it all inside a buttery toasted ciabatta roll from Balthazar Bakery.  OMG...words can't describe how delicious this sandwich tasted.  I was actually staring at it in slow wonder when Ivan of Ivan Ramen walked by and said "Isn't that the best sandwich you've ever had?"  YES Ivan...yes it certainly is.

Ivan's comment kind of shocked me back into reality where I finished up my incredible sandwich and decided to explore the rest of the main reason for coming in the first place.

Ivan's famous ramen shop wasn't opening for another hour and there was already a line starting to form in the front.  I have no doubt he will be a huge success in the city.

There are a bunch of great places to check out in the market.

The Chocolate Nudge cookies from Little Chef are a good place to start.  They're small but pack a salty, chocolate punch that will "nudge" you into buying another.

Blue Bottle coffee is in the back churning out their awesome macchiato's and the Cannibal has a space with some delicious looking bomboloni from Sullivan Street Bakery on display.

Just be sure to pass on their insanely overpriced beer list.  There are much better places in the neighborhood with high quality craft brews at a much better price.

I loved my first experience at Gotham West Market.  I dreamed about that sandwich all weekend and am already planning a return trip this weekend. So so good...


Anonymous said…
yo, don't be stealing cookie recipes and names w/o credit and selling them!!