It's a Crazy Week for Beer

Not just crazy...absolutely nuts!  There are so many good beer events going on this week I just had to highlight a few.

Today is VSK (Very Special Keg) at the Blind Tiger where they pull out some incredibly rare, super-limited beers and put them all on tap for one delicious day.  This year includes Captain Lawrence Rooso e Marrone, Evil Twin Diccicos Biscotti Break and Founders KBS just to name a few.  The whole list can be found here on their blog.  I usually spend my NYE here every year so this is a great way to kick off the the approaching holiday season.

Blind Tiger

If your staring at the Founders KBS I just mentioned and cursing your boss for keeping you at work today- Fear Not!  Tomorrow you have another chance to taste it in all its glory at the Barcade Brooklyn Founder's Event.  KBS will be on tap starting at 6:00 pm followed by another incredible line up including their brand new wheat wine the Sweet Repute and a 2012 Backwoods Bastard.  Mr. T and I went last year and it was just an awesome event filled with some of the best Founders beer you can get in one place.

Barcade Brooklyn

Last but certainly not least it's the 2nd Anniversary of one of my favorite beer bars in the city- One Mile House.  Seriously this place has everything I love in a bar; friendly staff, good food, ample seating both inside and out, plus an amazing beer list.  One Mile House will be featuring a brand new beer at the party called "Daddy Warbuck's", a huge Double IPA with over 100 IBU's.  If you've enjoyed Barrier's delicious Money IPA before you should be pretty excited about this One Mile House collaboration with them.  Other notables on the list Allagash Golden Brett, Westbrook Citrus Ninja Exchange and  Kelso Rye Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout.  Honestly there will be so many other great beers on tap you should really come by and check it out for yourself.   It's going to be an epic event- cheers!

One Mile House