I fell in love with a coffee shop last week and its name is Taszo...

Washington Heights isn't exactly the neighborhood I thought I would find such a spot.

I walked in the door and was transported back in time.  The gorgeous exposed brick, twenties music playing on the radio...I felt a bit like Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris.

The bakery case was filled with pastries from Balthazar including some flaky croissants and super nutty sticky buns.

I'm not sure what kind of beans they were using but my macchiato was delicious, just bitter enough with the perfect amount of steamed milk on top. Honestly everything here was just a little bit better than it had to be.  The water was served with a cooling slice of cucumber, the walls were filled with ample plugs for charging and the servers were incredibly friendly and laid back.

I liked this place so much I've honestly started to look at Washington Heights real estate...can a coffee place make a neighborhood?   Quite possibly...