Goannuri states right on its website "The World's Highest Authentic Korean Restaurant." Located on the top floor of an office building in Korea town, I found myself getting butterflies of excitement on the long elevator ride up.  The doors opened onto an impressive room with windows on both sides, a long bar up front and a sleek looking lounge area to the right. Even though it was overcast and rainy,  I still thought the view from the floor to ceiling windows was pretty incredible. However the terrible weather seemed to have kept the crowds away as only two other tables were enjoying lunch when I arrived.   

I was a little worried a place with this gorgeous space and fantastic views would be ridiculously expensive but I found the menu to be quite reasonable.  Both the lunch Bansang and Barbecue were right around $20 for each set and the wines by the glass hovered right around $11 a glass.  Both seemed like to much food for mid-day so I just ordered Yukhoe- Beef Tartare marinated with sesame oil and soy.

I'm not exactly sure why this dish arrived with tongs as I wasn't about to cook it so I just laid them to the side.  As usual with most Korean places the beef arrived almost ice cold. I always find this a bit unpleasant for both the texture and flavor of the beef so I always let it rest a bit before diving in.

Once it warmed I was able to enjoy the deep mineral flavor of the beef, only marred slightly by a bit of over-seasoning from the soy. The sliced peppers and garlic on the bottom provided a nice contrast to the meat and the portion size was more than ample.  I pleasantly full and satisfied after finishing this dish.

Gaonurri is definitely a place trying to impress.  The gorgeous views, fresh cut flower arrangements and unobtrusive service make the whole place feel special.  This is quite an oasis of extravagance in the middle of Korea town.