Duff's Wings

I was up in Buffalo last month and finally made a stop at the original Duff's location in Amherst.  People are always raving about Duff's wings but they've always been dry and overcooked when I dined at the other locations. This was honestly the last chance I was giving to Duff's before completely writing them off...lucky for me I finally had the ultimate chicken wing experience.  

Super spicy and super saucy, these wings were simply phenomenal.  I went for the medium hot and even these had me sweating just a tad in that perfectly satisfying way only a great wing can.  Believe the menu when they say the "Medium Hot IS Very Hot".

You'll need something to cool the heat and a big old basket of fries is just the thing.  Thin and crispy, they soak up the sauce and provide some much needed carbs for all the Duff''s Beer you'll be drinking.  It's a crisp amber ale that many reference to Homer Simpson, but it's really just a delicious accompaniment to the food.

Be ready to wait if you hit up the Amherst location at prime time.  We were there on a Friday night and there was about an hour late upon coming and going.  It's a wait I'd gladly do again for a wing showing of this caliber.