New Brew Friday- Chocolate Rain

I'm going big for this New Brew Friday...not just big actually, I'm going massive with a bottle from the Bruery's Reserve Society.  They took their incredible Black Tuesday, an Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon barrels for over a year, added in Vanilla Beans and Cocoa Nibs to create what is known as Chocolate Rain.

Wow- when I say massive I mean massive.  This beer pours a chocolate brown with very little head and huge boozy aromas of prune, vanilla, fig and oak.  The taste is just as crazy with layers of sweet cherry, chocolate and dried fruit up front, coffee and vanilla on the end...all with the sweet, boozy taste of Bourbon.  This beer clocks in at around 18% and you can certainly tell.  It could use a year of aging or so to calm down a bit but was still just fantastic.  I guarantee a big smile and warm, happy belly after drinking just a little of this beer.

I recommend drinking it while watching Tay Zonday sing his signature song "Chocolate Rain" at the same time.  Because really...when your drinking a beer this silly delicious why not!

The Bruery