New Brew Friday- A Trio of Jai Alai

Did I just talk about Cigar City last Friday? Yeah....well...they make some great stuff and Mr. T and I just can't seem to get enough.  We love their IPA's and decided to do a taste comparison and see which was our favorite.  Here we have the regular Jai Alai, White Oak Jai Alai (oak aged) and the Humidor Series IPA (which has it's base as Jai Alai with cedar added during secondary fermentation).  So let's compare...

The regular Jai Alai has a strong tropical fruit aroma with big flavors of bubble gum and apples.  The White Oak Jai Alai smells incredibly flowery, almost perfume-like; still slightly tasting of bubble gum but now with a funky, sour taste on the end.  The Humidor smells and tastes totally different than the first two with a ton of pine on the front and a malty biscuit finish.  It's awesome to see how the same beer can change in so many different ways.

Cigar City isn't in NY very often so pick some up while you can.  Good Beer and Top Hops both got some in right now- Cheers to the weekend!

Cigar City Brewing

Good Beer

Top Hops