I heard about Kotobuki years ago from friends out on Long Island.  They raved about their crazy rolls and inventive sushi so when they finally opened a Manhattan location it immediately went on my "To Do" list.  Unfortunately it must have been on everyones "To Do" list, because it wasn't until last Friday that Mr. T and I actually saw an open table without a line out the door.    I was so happy to finally get a spot we went a little overboard with ordering off the huge menu.  To begin the K-Mac sliders.

Spicy tuna, avocado and rice sandwiched between two crispy chips.  It was an interesting play on your average sushi bar appetizer and honestly quite delicious.  I liked the satisfying crunch with each bite. The next appetizer was the Spicy Tuna Pizza.

I think this may have been a bit too crazy for us. The bottom was a crispy scallion pancake topped with rice, spicy tuna and cheese.  It was certainly tasty but in a weird way. It reminded me of the perfect drunk food...sloppy and spicy but not exactly something you want to have again the next day.

The regular Spicy Tuna Roll was good albeit a bit larger than I like my rolls and certainly not packed very well. Mr. T.'s Scallop Roll was also tasty but followed the same suite as the rest...a little bit too much going on in one roll for our taste buds.

Although it may not seem like I liked Kotobuki I actually did.  The atmosphere was fun, the sushi was incredibly fresh and the prices were very reasonable.  I just think we've been out of touch with the nontraditional Japanese places for such a long time now.  With my recent experience at Sushiyama and now Kotobuki I'm not sure if I'm trying to step back in or step back out.  I'd like to return again and have a traditional dinner of sushi and sashimi to see how this place holds up against the rest.