Located right in the heart of NOLITA, this tiny little Mediterranean spot is a quiet oasis in shopping/tourist central.  It's always a good idea to begin with one of their appetizers be it the Fried Cauliflower, Charred Octopus or a big bowl of thick, creamy Hummus.

I love the fluffy rounds of bread that come piping hot from the oven...perfect for scooping up that delicious spread.

It would be easy to make a meal out of starters alone but then you would be missing on their burger which is absolutely fantastic.  

It's got a nice char from the griddle and juicy innards with a goat cheese center that oozes out the middle as you bite into the meat.  

There's some herb mayo on top and a heaping pile of caramelized onions.  These are a nice addition but not really needed since the burger has so much flavor on its own.

Service is always incredibly friendly but just a tad on the slow side.  That's okay- take a moment from the craziness outside and just savor the meal.