Brunch at Morandi

Mr. T and I stopped into Morandi for one of our last al fresco meals of September.  We began with a seasonal specialty Heirloom Tomato with pulled mozzarella and basil.

The tomatoes were absolutely bursting with flavor. Some a little sour and tangy, others sweet and almost peachy.

Then it was onto my entree the Foccaccia "occhio di bue".

Two eggs over hard on top of a herb and pecorino crusted flatbread...

...with a side of rich tomato sauce (upon request).  The focaccia was buttery and crisp, easily big enough for two people and just a delightful dish all around.

Mr. T ordered the Fagottini con Prosciutto.  A sugary crepe wrapped around thin sliced ham and cheese- both savory and sweet.  What a delicious way to start the weekend:)