Lunch at Madison & Vine

I've always wanted to try this little place.  The outdoor seating right smack in the middle of Midtown East isn't exactly relaxing but watching all the hustle and bustle of the day is fun sometimes. Mr. T works right nearby so I met him for a quick bite between my travels from Tarrytown to our downtown office. 

Mr. T's Macaroni Au Gratin was pretty amazing.  It was baked until the Gruyere Cheese on top was brown and crusty with slivers of crisp bacon, smoky truffle and toasted breadcrumbs.  I'll admit I had quite a bit more than just my "I'll try a bite".

My BLT Salad was much less exciting.  I had been expecting more bacon, greener leaves and a stronger Roquefort dressing.  It wasn't terrible but all of the components could be improved.  That being said I would return to Madison and Vine.  The location  near Mr. T's work is great and the menu has some options that are somewhat affordable for a midtown lunch out.  

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