Kee's Chocolate- Midtown West

I was scouting around work the other day, trying to find something decent for lunch in the dead zone near Herald Square when I spotted a tiny window with some gorgeous illuminated truffles. 

I took a step inside and smelled the unforgettable aroma of rich dark chocolate and herb that I fondly recall from my afternoons at Kee's  in SOHO.  I was so excited for a location near work!  I couldn't decide what I wanted first...the nutty Black Sesame, the creamy Green today it would be one of the absolute best, the Creme Brulee Truffle.

The woman behind the counter will warn you to eat this all in one bite.  It's a warning you should heed because the thin, dark chocolate shell may crack into pieces and you could lose all the custard inside.

I've eaten enough of these to know just the right amount of pressure to put on the shell in order to prevent cracking. I'm always shocked how thick and eggy the custard is.  It's light and sweet, truly one of best things created at Kee's...and one I will now enjoy on a much regular basis:)