The Final Morning in Maine AKA Blueberry Bonanza!

I woke up Sunday morning ready to leave Portland, filled with visions of lobster rolls, Cantillon and Financiers from Standard Baking Company.  But as I was taking a mental note of all of my glorious food experiences, I realized I had kind of missed out on one of Maine's most prized possessions- the blueberry.  So I took a trip down to Two Fat Cats Bakery and picked up a luscious looking blueberry muffin for the car ride home.

Then I saw this sign in the front of the bakery and thought...why yes, I do love pie for breakfast!

Forget the slice...I wanted the full pie experience.  

Yes this had absolutely everything....a buttery crust that cracked in all the right places, an interior oozing with sweet, tart Maine blueberries and an amazing flaky shell perfect for sopping up each and every morsel of pie goodness.

I'd like to say I stopped at this point but I was on a roll.  So I went back to Standard Baking Company for one last Financier (for the road of course:)

And then picked up a delicious Ham and Cheese Croissant because I thought something a little savory would balance out the morning.

One final stop at the farmers market for some Wild Maine Blueberries and we were ready to hit the road!  Back to NYC and back to reality but filled to the brim with good food, great drinks and amazing memories with friends.