One More Meal At Eventide

After all my lists of everything we had to eat in Portland... my 30 day out reservation call for Street & Company...and we end up back at Eventide for the last dinner.  

Both of us were so relaxed after some beers and music on the pier that dressing up for a formal dinner later just seemed like work...and who wants to work on vacation?  

So we passed our reservation to another lucky soul and went back to Eventide to finally get some oysters.  I have to say these were simply glorious... incredibly fresh, salty and just about the perfect size with a crisp Horseradish Ice accoutrement.

Mr. T tried out the Battered Maine Hake appetizer which came piping hot and sprinkled with a bit of Old Bay and paprika.

The fish inside was perfect but both of us found the breading a little too thick and overbearing for such a mild fish.

A much better choice was the Lobster Stew with huge chunks of fresh seafood doused in a creamy broth of milk and sherry. 

To complete our meal we added two rolls, one a Fried Chicken Bun with pickled watermelon and coleslaw.

This was tasty but poultry can't compare to the seafood in Maine and once again the lobster roll completely stole the show.

So toasty, warm with fresh lobster and a perfect combination of mayo and herbs...this is what food dreams are made of.    So happy to spend the last night at Eventide:)