Maine Day Three- Breakfast at Standard Baking Co.

I woke up like a bolt of lightening our first morning in Portland.  I knew Mr. T would be taking advantage of vacation time with an extra long sleep so I didn't think twice about heading out for some early morning treats at Standard Baking Company.

It was about 8:45 when I arrived and the line was already out the door.  I crossed my fingers the sticky bun and scones were still in stock and lucky for me they were!

The Sticky Bun was all I dreamed it would be...thick and fluffy with a crunchy caramel bottom and swirls of cinnamon, nuts and brown sugar folded into the dough.  I would be back for another one of these:)

The Blueberry Scone was a complete disappointment- lots of blueberries but too much flour and no crunch.  It just kind of fell apart in a mealy, oat mess.

I had been hoping to round out breakfast with an Almond Croissant but they sold out just minutes before my arrival so I subbed in a Financier.  I took a bite as I walked back to the hotel and I literally had a family of tourists crash into my back.  The buttery, chewy crust and rich melted chocolate was so incredible it stopped me dead in my tracks!  I turned to apologize to the group but had such a big smile on my face I think they thought I was a bit crazy.  I tucked the Financier in my bag and quickly went on my stop- LUNCH!