Pork Slope

I was having a serious craving for wings the other day.  I'm on a constant mission to find the best in the city and I think I may have a new contender over in Brooklyn at Pork Slope.

Chef Dale Talde's casual bar coats their wings in rice flour before frying and then make a sauce with garlic, Sriracha, Franks Red Hot, honey and butter. 

The wings are both spicy and sweet with that distinctive buffalo flavor and an incredible crispy exterior that is so satisfying.  The blue cheese on the side is no joke either.

The Tater Tots were nice and crispy as well....although I'd skip the ketchup which had a sugary taste that was really off putting.

Mr. T ordered the famous Porky Melt.  Two big slabs of marbled rye bread encasing a house made Bratwurst, stuffed with cheddar cheese and onions.  Obviously this is one serious sandwich.

I could say Pork Slope needs a better beer list but I can't really complain with a $2.00 Coors Light either.  This is banging spot for some wings in Brooklyn.