Taste of Williamsburg Greenpoint

It was a gorgeous day Sunday- bright and crisp with the smell of autumn in the air.  The best time of year for drinking beer, watching sports and checking out food festivals.  

Things at Taste Of Williamsburg/Greenpoint didn't start out very well.  The event staff seemed disorganized and confused which resulted in quite a long line just to enter but once inside the actual event things seemed to go more smoothly. I walked in and went straight to Pie's N' Thighs for one of their amazing mini Chicken Biscuits.

Spicy fried chicken and honey butter biscuits....it seriously doesn't get much better than that.  If I had to decide what to get for my last meal on Earth this sandwich would immediately come to mind.

After that I walked over to the Sindicato De Cocineros stand and tried their gazpacho and  fluke ceviche. I was pleasantly surprised by the melon flavor in the soup and the ceviche was spot on as well.

Then I did a trio of spreads from Cafe Mogador and burned my tongue on some super spicy carrots.

So I cooled it off over at Fabbrica with some of their plump Tuscan Dumplings filled with creamy ricotta cheese. By then the event was starting to get pretty crowded so I decided to call it a day and hopped on the train back to Manhattan.  First food festival of Fall complete!


Pies n Thighs

Sindicato Brooklyn