Maine Day Three- Eventide & Novare Reis

After my incredible trip to Standard Baking Co. I went  back to the hotel and got Mr. T so we could grab an early lunch.  I had heard horror stories about the long wait at Eventide Oyster Co. so I wanted to make sure we beat the lunch rush.  Our pre-noon arrival ended up being perfect as we were seated immediately in two seats by the window.  It was a little too early for me to think about oysters so we started with a bowl of homemade chips instead.

These reminded me a little of  Cape Cod potato chips with a thicker chip that gave way to an amazing crunch.  They were a perfect side to what was coming up next...why some lobster rolls of course!

Eventide serves lobster rolls that are just about the size of your hand so it's easy to pick up and nosh on. Instead of the standard split top roll they use a steamed Chinese bun and top with mayo and herbs.  This was an incredible roll...the lobster meat was super fresh and seasoned just right while the glorious steamed bun kept everything nice and snug inside. 

In addition to the regular roll Eventide serves one tossed in a brown butter sauce.  This is a must order.  It's sweet, salty, buttery...droooool....oops sorry.  It's just freaking awesome believe me.  

We finished up our fantastic lunch and took off to explore the town.  We saw all the sights ( I think) and then we decided to throw in a little more "beercation" and stopped at the Belgian beer cafe Novare Res. 

In addition to an incredible assortment of local and Belgium beers Novare had a special section just for Cantillon.   We ordered up the Saint Lamvinus and sipped on our bottle as we soaked in the sun outside.

This was such a treat to just relax with an incredible beer. Some friends joined us a bit later and we spent the afternoon just enjoying the day together before heading back to the hotel for the wonderful wedding of our friends.  It was truly a fantastic day to be in Maine!