Smorgasburg DUMBO

I woke up Sunday morning and was absolutely starving.  I never ate dinner the night before and it was hitting me hard.  It was a gut wrenching hunger.  A hunger so massive it needed something big...something huge... like a giant food market...Smorgasburg!!  And just like that I hopped on the F train to Brooklyn.

It was such a gorgeous day to walk around but I was so hungry I couldn't enjoy myself until I had a bite to eat.  Brooklyn Piggies would have been a great choice...

...but they were still cooking in the oven.  The Hash Bar sounded like a fantastic idea...

...but the line was way too long for me to handle so I ended up at Takumi Taco.

The Short Rib Taco had a nice spice and although the meat was a bit dried out the wasabi crema on top helped a lot.  The woman next to me was devouring a Spicy Tuna Taco which looked amazing.  I was about to order one of those as well when I noticed I was right next to the Solber Pupusa tent. 

I loved these pupusa's when I had them out in Red Hook so I ordered up a combo platter of chicken and beef.

I was a little worried about filling up too fast when there was still so much food left to try.  Luckily the pupusa guys had me covered.  They had bags, aluminum foil...anything you could want in order to carry food home.  I can't tell you how much I loved these guys.  Because then I spotted something I absolutely had to have...Maple Bacon Cupcakes from Kumquat Cupcakery.

I love anything maple and these were just perfect- a great balance of frosting to cake ratio with a sizable hunk of bacon right on top.

Hunger satiated for the moment I wandered over to the park and relaxed in the sun before heading back into Manhattan.  What a gorgeous way to spend a lazy Sunday morning.