New Brew Friday- Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

It's time to toast the weekend again and it's with one incredibly delicious beer released to NYC just this week- Founders KBS.

This Imperial Stout pours a deep, dark brown with a light but creamy head that sticks to the side of the glass and creates incredible lacing.  I've had older batches of KBS before and it's always been smooth but with strong bourbon notes both in taste and smell.  This 2013 batch was the first opportunity I had to try it fresh and the layering of flavors was absolutely incredible.  Coffee was the most prominent up front with creamy notes of vanilla and a smooth lingering taste of dark chocolate on the end.   While the bourbon was clearly present all the flavors seemed to share center stage in this incredible beer.  Although most places sold out within hours this week there are rumors of another small batch coming this weekend so it doesn't hurt to call around.  This is one beer worth seeking out.

Founders KBS