Keste Pizzeria

After a few pints at Blind Tiger Monday night Mr T and I walked over to Keste.  The narrow space was crowded but we were able to get the last table without a wait.  We've been to all the Neapolitan joints in town and Keste was the last one we needed to check out.  Since it was our first time we went safe and ordered with the Classic Margherita with homemade mozzarella, pecorino romano and extra virgin olive oil.

The pie arrived with an incredible aroma of basil and oil... surprising since there didn't seem to be much basil on top.

The crust on this pie was absolutely gorgeous.  It was fluffy with an excellent chew and crisp pockets of char on the edge. Of the Neapolitan joints we've been to this was as close to perfection we've either seen.  The simplicity of the pie allowed all of the fresh, fabulous ingredients to really shine through.   

The restaurant has a small wine list with mostly Italian selections.  You won't find anything to crazy in the beer section here but you don't need to with Blind Tiger right down the block.

Keste Pizzeria