Char No. 4

We ventured out to Brooklyn Friday night for a feast of meat and whiskey at Char No 4.  The cozy Smith Street spot was absolutely packed and for good reason.  I seriously wanted to order everything on the appetizer menu and we almost did.  To begin House Smoked Bacon with spicy pickled cabbage and cashews.

The thick cut bacon was excellent with a sweet maple glaze and a lingering smoky finish that made me want to lick my lips to keep the incredible flavor going.

The Crispy Cheddar Curds were pipping hot nuggets of goodness made oh so much better with the spicy pimento sauce.

House Cured Lamb Pastrami was so moist and thin it almost looked like raw tuna with flavors leaps and bounds beyond your average deli meat.

The Cornflake Crusted Crab Cake had nice notes of meyer lemon but it paled in comparison to the other appetizers.

My entree of Smoked Chicken with bacon whipped potatoes and mushrooms was incredible.  The buttery skin had a fantastic garlic crunch that reminded me I need to invest more time and energy in roasting a chicken at home.

I didn't think dessert could get better than the intense Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie with graham cracker crust and caramel but then the Butter Pecan Sundae arrived...

Big scoops of creamy ice cream with enormous pecans and caramel were doused in a pool of bourbon.  This is the sundae dreams are made of and I made sure not one bite was wasted.  For incredible smoked meats and a killer bourbon list you can't do much better than Char No. 4.

Char No 4