Lunch at Aquagrill of my old standby's.  I've been going to Aquagrill as long as I've been living in NYC and the gorgeous weather this week was the perfect opportunity to check out an old favorite for lunch on the patio.  

If you come to Agqugrill the oysters are a must.  They have an incredible selection that are so fresh you can almost smell the sea in the air.

The complimentary bread is always a treat... onion focaccia, jalapeno corn bread and baguette all arrive at the table so there's no need to choose just one.  I like the spicy cornbread the best but I always nibble on the fluffy focaccia with my oysters.

The classic Rare Yellowfin Tuna sandwich with avocado, red onion and arugula is a perfect choice.  The  flavors work so well together and you can taste a nice smoky char on the tuna from the grill.  It was a lovely lunch...the outdoor space is one of the best places to have a leisurely meal and just enjoy the day.